Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change of plans

As I've stated on one of my posts last year, the following WERE my must-haves for the rest of 2008:
1. Bandai's VF-25F Alto Saotome Valk (it's on top and you prolly know this by now)
2. MG Infinite Justice (I'm a Seed/Seed Destiny fan)
3. Bandai's VF-25S Ozma Lee's custom Valk (the Skull Squadron leader's ride, need I say more?)
4. GFF Gundam MKIII (this GFF is gorgeous)
5. NG 1/100 Astraea Type F
6. PG Strike, which I will AB as the Strike Rouge... I don't wanna shell out the extra moolah for the Sky Grasper/Aile Striker... the base model Strike is fine with me
7. some DC Direct figs in between kits

Uhmm... ahmmm... err... it's been more than a year now since that list was made and I got 1 out of 7. It's not bad at all. In fact, my batting stat was horrendous! ^_^

Let me explain what happened.

My Macross fever for Frontier has died down a bit. So Alto's and Ozma's valks would have to wait. But man, I'd have to admit that those valks are still wicked looking! They're still on my wish list, but slightly further down.

On a side note, I barely grabbed a VF-0S, but Voltes V (GX-31V) was more enticing.

I promised myself not to buy any Gundam kit as long as my 5 MGs are still in their boxes! So out goes 3 on the list. ^_^ Besides, I do not have as much free time as I would have liked in order to build more GunPlaMo. This fact alone makes me want to go to a corner and cry. :(

Don't worry, I still intend to build and finish my 5 MGs.

My fixation for the GFF MkIII simply went away... but that Gundam is still one of the photogenic figures, IMO.

Finally, after 4 or 5 days from that blog post, I got one DC Direct fig -- that of Superman as inspired by Alex Ross' Justice storyline.

Now to the good stuff.

Even though I horibly missed on 6 of the 7 items I've mentioned, I still got away with acquiring much cooler toys up to this writing:

Optimus Prime
Transformers The Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime Premium Edition
Masterpiece Starscream (U.S. ver.)
Masterpiece Starscream U.S. Takara Version
SOC GX-01R Mazinger Z
SOC GX-01R Mazinger Z
Voltes V
SOC GX-31V Voltes V
Transformers Animated Voyager Class Starscream
SOC GX-45 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger)
SOC GX-45 Mazinger Z

This reminds me -- I haven't taken photos of some of the toys' boxes. :)

So... not bad (in exchange for the missed 6) 'eh?

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