Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wishful thinking

Time for another wish list. I hope this time I'd get a better batting average than last time... which turned out to be better, actually. ^_^

So here goes.

Max Factory Mazinkaiser - I've waited forever for a re-release (and a fair price.) These days are the best time for a pre-order and wait for January for the delivery. ^_^
Image from Max Factory.

Takara Tomy MP-04 Masterpiece Convoy - What can I say? It's the best rendition of OP ever! However, it is being released at about the same time as Max Fac's Maz. I'm betting (hoping, actually) that there'll be tons of MP-04 thereafter, so I'm relegating the MP-04 to second place... I think. :)

Yamato 1/60 VF-0S - I admit, I'm still a Macross fanboy.
Image courtesy of Joriel "Joz" Jimenez.

ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime - once this thing goes on sale, I'll be getting it immediately. Better yet, I'll be on the lookout for the RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime -- which would definitely kick some serious ass.
Image from

Nintendo Wii - My fiancee and I decided to finally get one.
nintendo wii

Panasonic Lumix LX3 (with DMW-LW46) - unless Panasonic releases a newer version, I'd get one. Lugging the a DLSR in my bag isn't actually an experience one would look forward to every single day.
lumix lx3
Image from DPReview.

Due to a very valid reason, I don't think I would be getting any of these before December. So I'm actually waiting for the Yuletide season to see what happens. Yeah, like an anxious kid who's waiting for Santa's gift. ^_^

Are any of these items in your Christmas wish list too?


Zircor said...

Were you wanting Takara version of prime? If the Hasbro one is OK, the Wal-Marts around here have had the Leader class figs on sale for $35 for the longest time, and they aren't selling many of them...

I've also decided to sell off all of my "good" Transformers (ie, the Alternators/BT/MP) and have the first release of MP-04 if you're interested.

Zircor said...

Bleh forgot to subscribe

NelMan said...

Yup, Zircor, I'm hoping for the Takara version of OP.

Thanks for the heads-up on Wal-Mart, I might ask a friend over there to get me Leader Class figs. :)

I really appreciate the offer for the MP-04. I'll get back to you on that if my local dealer won't give me a good price on the new release. Again, thanks! :)

Zircor said...

The thing with the Wal-marts not be everywhere, just FYI. 2 of the 3 around here are doing it, so chances are good of me finding one if your friend doesn't pan out. The joys of living in a town full of elderly people (one of the few!)

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