Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boxes and backlogs

As of May, 2008, these boxes have accumulated in one area of my room:

If you're interested with the kit each box contains, follow the numbers:

1. MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
2. MG MBF-02 Strike Rouge
3. MG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom
4. MG ZGMF-X56S/Alpha Force Impulse
5. MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka
6. MG RX-78GP01 Zephyranthes
7. NG 1/100 Gundam Exia
8. FG (I think) Blue Duel Gundam for my fiancee's nephew
9. SD Strike Gundam Striker Weapons System (SWS)
10. SD Justice Gundam
11. SD Strike Freedom
12. SD Blaze Zaku Phantom (Heine Westenfluss custom)

The numbers colored in green are kits that I have completed. Orange colored numbers are currently works-in-progress, while red colored ones are still untouched kits. ^_^

I know, I know -- I should buy less and build more. Hey, I'm not the only one with this predicament.. and that is a fact. Besides, I love seeing these boxes stacked up like this. In my opinion, it's akin with some collectors buying 2 units (sometimes even more) of DC Direct figures... one to play around with, and the other one to keep in MISB condition. I even saw one collector get 5 units of Bandai's SOC Voltes V when it was released. How's that for crazy?!?

Don't you worry, I WILL finish all these kits. It's just a bit frustrating when all I can devote (gee, a pretty heavy word for li'l plastic thingies) to 'em is around 2 hours max per night. That means I'm almost an exclusively-on-weekends-hobbyist. I wouldn't wanna say modeler because I do not consider myself as one... yet.

I promised myself that I wouldn't get another kit until I finish one among the stack, but as they say, "promises are made to be broken" and-all-that-crap. I got another MG a couple of weeks after I took this pic, and just recently, I bought three more SDs to add to my ever-growing BB collection. What can I say, SD Gundams are such cutesy-pansy entities! I'll post the pic in the next few days. ^_^

Good thing Bandai is churning them kits out faster than I can buy them. ^_^

While I'm at it, I'm gonna push this thing as far as I can. The following are my must-buy kits (yes, I'm not finished buying, and yes, I can't help it) for this year:

1. Bandai's VF-25F Alto Saotome Valk (it's on top and you prolly know this by now)
2. MG Infinite Justice (I'm a Seed/Seed Destiny fan)
3. Bandai's VF-25S Ozma Lee's custom Valk (the Skull Squadron leader's ride, need I say more?)
4. GFF Gundam MKIII (this GFF is gorgeous)
5. NG 1/100 Astraea Type F
6. PG Strike, which I will AB as the Strike Rouge... I don't wanna shell out the extra moolah for the Sky Grasper/Aile Striker... the base model Strike is fine with me
7. some DC Direct figs in between kits

Let's see if I can cross out some of the items in this list before the year ends. =D

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