Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kick-ass Optimus Prime

I deeply apologize for the title of this post, but there's no other way to describe Optimus Prime in ROTF. He was one mean SOB.

Nothing epitomizes this fact more when he asked Demolishor, "Any last words?" and then proceeded to shoot the poor thing in the face.

I thought only Megs was capable of such violence. Remember Transformers The Movie? No, not the Michael Bay one in '07. The animation one. Where Megatron mecilessly blasted Ironhide's brain out as Ironhide was crawling on the floor and held onto Megs' foot.

I guess it's payback time, huh?

Here's the RA - Buster Optimus Prime from Takara Tomy... as kick-ass as his ROTF movie version.

RA - Buster Optimus Prime

RA - Buster Optimus Prime

RA - Buster Optimus Prime

RA - Buster Optimus Prime
Prime killed Demolishor with this thing. Nicely weathered too!

RA - Buster Optimus Prime
Just look at the details and the bling on this alt mode!

RA - Buster Optimus Prime
I don't care what some brainless idiots would say, but I'm still right -- Optimus Prime and Jetfire still does not combine.

The addition of a few panels would make it perfect.

Costs around US$ 83.00. So, are you going to get one? Reservations on Hobby Search are currently closed. :(

Images from Hobby Search.


BCS said...

He sure as hell looks purtee!!!

NelMan said...

Yes he does! Will you get one?


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