Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sorry, Optimus Prime and Jetfire does not really combine

For those of you who are expecting Optimus Prime and Jetfire to form an alliance and combine in the upcoming Revenge of the Fallen movie, don't get your hopes that high up.

Here's LC Jetfire in his alt mode:

Judging his size based on the wrist watch, he is one big-ass plane to hold in your hands.

Now here's LC Jetfire alongside LC OP:

Optimus Prime and Jetfire

Can somebody tell me how a Peterbilt 379 truck-turned-robot can be as tall as an SR-71 Blackbird plane-turned-robot? Mr. Bay? Anybody? It seems that the Transformers have a weird sense of scale... thankfully, something which the mechs in Gundam universe do not... except for that vertically-challenged Shin Musha Gundam.

Ok here's the next one, Optimus Prime and Jetfire (or what's left of him) in combination. With a Pringles-wannabe tube thrown in for sizing comparisons.


Ha! Combine my brown ass! They do not combine, people. That's just Optimus Prime carrying old-fart Jetfire on his back! Jetfire must've been wounded, heck, maybe he just got too tired carrying his upper weight on his landing-gear-cane that he asked boyscout Optimus for a piggy-back ride!

So there. They do not, and will not combine. Prime is just giving grandpa Jetfire a freebie. Period.

Of course, you know that I'm just kidding with all this bullcrap story, right? ^_^

Images are from TF08.net.


Anonymous said...

your a fucking idiot making assumptions like that. if you see the movie they infact do combine.

NelMan said...

1. Thank you for reading the post.
2. Thank you for not attending grammar school.
3. Thank you for not knowing what "combiners" are.
4. Thank you for seeing the movie and not understanding what happened to Jetfire and Prime during the latter part of the movie. You turned your brain off during the film, right? I didn't turn off mine when I watched it.
5. Thank you for having brains that can rival that of Michael Bay's. You're not Michael Bay, are you?
6. Again, thank you for reading the post except the last sentence.
7. Did you know that the Bumblebee in the movie isn't really Bumblebee? He's actually a resurrected Jazz... who morphed into a concept Camaro. It's the reason why he didn't speak in the film. His true voice would give away his true identity.
8. Lastly, thank you for making my morning! ROTF LOFL!

Anonymous said...

what is feel is that roberto orci, the writer is a bastard, spoiling the story and confidence of TRANSFORMERS by writing such a crap story out with plenty of loopholes

NelMan said...

I completely agree. One has to turn their brain off during the movie in order let the entire thing pass.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost , you say they cann't combine right ? This mean you didn't buy the figuring , right ? Those picture that you post are surely taken from other websites .

Secondly , that is just a movie . You know what is special effect ? They can add some effects into it . I think you parent didn't let you went for study for higher level of knowledge .

NelMan said...

1. First and foremost, yes, they can't combine. Read my post.
2. Second, yes, I didn't buy the figure. It was still unavailable as of the post's writing.
3. Third, yes, I did get them from another website. In fact, I put a direct link to it in the last line -- TF08.net. Thank you for not reading the entire post, despite being told to do so.
You're not too bright with instructions, aren't you? Read the entire post. Again.
3. Third, yes, I know it was a movie... and that movies are supposed to entertain. ROTF entertained the brains out of you, right? I guess you turned your brain off when you watched the movie... or perhaps there was no need to.
4. Fourth, yes, I know what a special effect is. They had lots of those in the movie. Specially when the Decepticons first retrieved Megs from the bottom of the sea -- Michael Bay used special lots effects to defy the laws of Algebra. Watch it again if you don't know what I mean.
5. Fifth, NO, my parents DID let me pursue a post-graduate course. The only difference is that I paid for my own tuition while attending it.
6. Sixth, thank you for not attending spelling school, not only grammar school.
7. Seventh, you're the same dude who made the first comment, right?!? This is just a calculated guess, though, 'coz you guys are definitely in the same wavelength... or you probably were classmates who skipped school a lot. Say "Hi" to him for me, OK?
8. Lastly, thank you for making my Tuesday! ROTF LOFL! ^_^


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