Friday, July 24, 2009

DC Comics heroes on Google's Doodle

A bunch of superheroes appeared on Google's Doodle today in its US homepage.

Those who made the cut and were illustrated by Jim Lee were Batman, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Boy Wonder, Robin.


A few notes, though:

Batman still likes to perch on beings immortalized in stone.
Plastic Man seems as if he ate the first 'o' and the 'e' in the word 'Google.'
Wonder Woman's invisible jet looks like a service unit which was provided by the Justice League's aviation engineers as they were still repairing the original.
Green Lanter was, well, being Green Lantern -- turning stuff into green. ^_^
And finally, Robin appears as though he's enjoying every bit of attention he's getting due to the hundreds of millions of hits Google obtains in a single day.

Where's Supes, you might ask? Well, he's at the Daily Planet... writing a grudge article about how Google has decided to leave him out of today's doodle.

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