Thursday, April 23, 2009

A quick one

I got out of my lazy stupor last night to take my Masterpiece Starscream out of the box and transform him.

The boxed U.S. version contains Starscream in his robot mode, unlike the Japanese version where one gets him in his alt mode. I cut the tapes, removed the twisties, and scissored the transparent bands... he was free.

It was exciting to see how the Air Commander would look like once transformed into the alt mode -- an F-15 Eagle. According to reviews, the alt mode is so awesome that you wouldn't know that it could transform into something else, much less into a robot like Starscream.

The transformation instructions were pretty straight-forward and getting him into the fighter mode wasn't that hard. I've had harder times with my Optimus Prime's Leader Class figure.

The reviews were right. Screamer's alt mode is simply wicked! Seeing the F-15 almost made me do "Larry and Balki's dance of joy." Except that I didn't have anyone near to do it with me.

"Damn, this thing's gorgeous!" It was a sentence I kept on repeating over and over again as I marveled at the plane I held in my hand.

Even though it was already way past midnight, I quickly got my cam out, set-up a backdrop and shot off a few pixels. I didn't care if I shot him on a tabletop, nor didn't have any dedicated light... I WILL get some snaps! ^_^

Decepticon air commander

Decepticon air commander
The landing gear and its cover wasn't all flush yet.

A more formal review and photo-shoot would follow, of course, in the next few days... the Air Commander deserves it. :)

Now that I've personally seen and held Starscream, I'm really seriously considering getting all the Takara Screamers. I'm sure they would all look great in an F-15 squadron group shot!

Click here for more pics.


Bradpetehoops said...

Starscream is a great flyer.

NelMan said...

I agree, Brad! The best out there! ^_^


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