Monday, March 30, 2009

Autobots, transform...

... and roll out!

I spent, like, fifteen minutes trying to separate his crotch from his torso. The transformation manual was a bit crude as it only showed the transformation procedures in a side-view fashion. It would've been easier to understand if the illustrations were done perspectively.

My thumbs were already quite numb due to the crotch-torso ordeal and I probably spent another fifteen minutes to get Prime's hood flush with his fenders and radiator grill. My patience was already wearing thin (see my previous post) when I got everything in order.

Setting up a shoot for the alt mode wasn't a walk in the park either. Countless minutes passed by as I struggled to find the best way to light the profile and effect I wanted.

Here's the result of one Leader Class Optimus Prime for a subject, a laptop monitor for a light source and a bristol board --

Optimus Prime


Ashte said...

Ok, I admit it, I am really green with envy :P
Hey Nel, did you happen to catch the Ozine Festival April 3 to 5 at Megamall? There were Gundam tables there.

NelMan said...

Hi Tess! Bili na!!! Hehehehe
Sadly though, I wasn't able to go to the Festival. Medyo tigil muna ako in buying Gundam kits... as I've yet to open 5 of my boxes. ^_^


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