Sunday, April 19, 2009

The US$ 4.00 sticker

My fiancee and I came back to Greenhills yesterday in order to pay some bills. I, of course, have only one thing in mind every time I'm in this area -- toys, of course.

My choice in toys became quite diversified only recently. As you may very well know, I used to go ga-ga over Gundams, which is the primary reason why we often come to what is arguably known as the toy-shopping capital of the Metro. Then came my interest for DC Direct figures... Transformers figures... scale model cars, and the like. I have come to like diversity.

Yesterday, I bought a sticker worth US$ 4.00.

The US$ 4.00 sticker
The Takara Tomy sticker

In case you're still wondering what the figure behind the sticker is, well, he is my favorite Transformer of all-time. Yup, the Air Commander of the Decepticons, Starscream.

In my book, I'd choose his character over Optimus Prime and Megatron, or any other Transformer for that matter. Optimus Prime is just too, uhmmm, perfect. And Megatron, in my humble opinion, is an ounce shy of being the ultimate evil. I would hate to be a subordinate to any of those two guys.

Starscream, now he's my type of leader. Cunning, takes unnecessary risks, treacherous, and finally, I love his G1 voice. His intelligence may not be up to par with Megs, nor Shockwave, or even Soundwave, but I like him the way he is.

Then the recent designers of Transformers: The Movie effed the leader of the Screamers. His robot mode is just plain fugly! He looks like a moth with arms and legs. This is what keeps my mind from even trying to think about buying the toy version. The F22 Raptor is gorgeous, but when he transforms into his robot form, it makes me wanna puke.

I'd take the original F15 design, thank you. I'd also choose the U.S. version, whose colors are virtually anime-accurate over the Japanese gray-and-purple-painted-and-black-boxed version.

Don't get me wrong though. Even though I said that Starscream is my favorite Transformers character, he is NOT my favorite Transformers toy. That honor still belongs to the MP-01 Convoy.

Anyway, here's the still unopened box.

Masterpiece Starscream (U.S. ver.)
Masterpiece Starscream (U.S. version)

What's the story behind the US$4.00 sticker you might ask? Well, the toy that doesn't have the said sticker on its packaging is US$4.00 cheaper. ^_^

More pics here.


BCS said...

(:X) (*X)!!!

NelMan said...

LOL! I know you'll be able to get yours soon, 'tol! :)


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