Monday, September 22, 2008

The next hotcake? MG Infinite Justice

Now I know why, Alto's VF-25F wasn't listed on online hobby shops on the day of its release. It was simply sold out. Yes! Sold out!

Hobby Link Japan, has it currently as a back-ordered item (out-of-stock).
Rainbow Ten has a notice on its website that the said kit is sold out.
Hobby Search's stocks are also out.

Bandai has struck a goldmine with the current Macross series.

There has been news that some people who pre-ordered the kit still haven't had the chance to lay their eyes upon their own VF-25F boxes... and those people include me. ^_^

Anyway, since my kit is yet to be delivered, let's talk about what could be the next Bandai hotcake -- the MG Infinite Justice.

If there's one thing I've noticed off-the-bat with these scans of Hobby Japan's pages, it is the color of the IJ. The kit featured surely looks painted so I guess Bandai went on a slightly (yeah, right) different tone for the predominantly pink MS. So I guess being anime-accurate in terms of colorway isn't the thing for this hotcake... which means I'm gonna compare its colors with my own translation from a few months back... once I get my hands on it.

The Seed/Seed Destiny MGs are slowly, but surely (I can't believe I'm using this cliche) realized.

By the way, the MS found on the lower right of the second page is the MG Strike Freedom Extra Finish Version.

You can click on the images for slightly larger scans.

Now, the question is -- could Athrun's MS do what Alto's Valk did? Can it sell out during its October release? I highly doubt it. Not even Shinn's MG Force Impulse was sold out in its first day. In that case, either Bandai made hundreds of thousands of MG Force Impulses or the VF-25 was just too hot... make that unbelievably sizzling!

Not bad for a geisha-portraying-actor-turned-SMS-pilot's customized ride, eh? ^_^

Images (published in Hobby Japan) were originally from Toys Daily.

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