Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Infinite Justice Gundam Colors

Ok. I was on the prowl for color translations about the SD Justice Gundam while browsing today. It would sure make a pleasant surprise to my fiancee if I could present to her a painted BB #268 and not just some snap-built wuss. After all, she hand-picked the SD Justice while I was busy inspecting MGs at one of the hobby shops that we frequent during weekends.

Sadly, one of the local Gunpla forums only had color translations for MG kits. As you may know already, the Infinite Justice (nor the Justice) hasn't been rewarded by Bandai with an MG variant... yet. C'mon Bandai!

Anyway, Google kept pointing me to Hobby Search Japan's color reference scan of the 1/100 ∞ Justice manual. Yay. I know much about the mating habits of a Tse-tse fly as I do about reading Kanji.

The genius (or lack of it) in me thought -- "Converting this Justice color guide can't be too hard, all I gotta do is compare!"

After getting a Gunze Sangyo color chart translation, I began comparing the color reference scan's images to the color charts... yadda... yadda... yadda.

Was I successful? I wouldn't be writing about the experience if I wasn't, would I? It was quite fun, actually. So much, fun that I might do other color translations. Now, I know some Kanji... or at least the symbols for the primary colors. LOL!

'Nuff said. Here it is, the translation of the ∞ Justice Gundam for all of us non-Kanji-reading Gunpla lovers out there:

Column 1:
White (40%) + Pink (30%) + Yellow (20%) + Purple (10%)
Yellow (90%) + Orange Yellow (10%)
White (100%)
Red (40%) + Pink (30%) + Purple (30%)
Yellow Green (100%)

Column 2:
Black (60%) + Navy Blue (40%)
White (50%) + Silver (50%)
Neutral Gray (90%) + Black (10%)
Intermediate Blue (40%) + Neutral Gray (30%) + White (20%)
Sky Blue (50%) + White (50%)

The colors were based on Gunze Sangyo products. Tamiya's got most of the colors above, so I don't think that you would have a hard time if you're a Tamiya-lover (like me!)

Don't ask me about what the topcoats are for this translation. In case you haven't read my previous paragraphs, I know crap about Kanji.

By the way, please take my translation with a grain of salt. All I did was compare the symbols. My conversion can be likened to a toddler who's being asked to compare shapes! LOL! So if you've notice errors in my translation above, please do feel free to inform me... kindly.

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