Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cagalli in her birthday suit... err, and her mobile suit

Remember Cagalli Yulla Attha? Orb's princess who was a strong-willed character in Seed, but became a crying, whining wuss in Seed Destiny?

No matter what I, nor anybody, may think, Cagalli is still my favorite lady in all of Gundamlore! Ditto with her mobile suit, the MBF-02 Strike Rouge.

After being side-stepped by the Unicorn Gundam in my purchases and kit-building, Red has finally been taken out of the backlogs stack and prepped for construction.

Here are some snaps...

The box is of the average MG kit -- not as big as the Hi-Nu's nor the Sazabi's, and not as small as the RX-78s.

Unless you're already used to building Strike variants, you will need this -- the instruction manual. The instructions are in Japanese but are Lego-like... so no need to fret.

Just like the other older MGs, Bandai included a poster of the Strike Rouge.

Sidenote: How I wish that Bandai would again incorporate posters of the mobile suits in its MG kits... which may be far-fetched since our beloved Bandai is reportedly cost-cutting. :(

Lastly, the box contents -- fifteen trees (including the one for the launch pad), a launch pad, a wire, the instruction manual, foil stickers, decal stickers and dry-transfer decals. The two pens are freebies from my favorite place of hanging out -- Great Toys in Greenhills. ^_^

With the exception of their colorways, the MBF-02 Strike Rouge is exactly the same as the GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam. Speaking of colorways, I find the pinks on the Rouge a bit less menacing so I'm thinking about changing it up a bit.

I started building the kit last night... and, Cagalli and the Rouge being my fave gal and MS, I was very meticulous to the point of being a person with OCD! LOL!

WIPs soon!

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