Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Siblings of desctruction

I was kinda fooled into thinking that the Unicorn Gundam's weapons would be composed of only a few bits and pieces... again, I was proven wrong. Inheriting the traits and complexity of its owner, these bad boys were as compound as the white beast. I must note that they required the same attention in every facet... perhaps more... which is a very good sign for hobbyists.

First up is the... hmmmmm... some call it the Beam Rifle, but the instruction manual calls it the Beam Magnum. The details on it are just crazy... you can paint-mod it to infinity! If I've had more time on my hands (which I do not have), I'd probably paint more silver and blue to make it pop out more. ^_^

Now here's a HUGE piece of hardware -- the Hyper Bazooka. It's as tall as the Unicorn itself (I think) when it's extended, as in the image above! Want details? Don't worry, like its sibling, it doesn't disappoint.

Finally, there's the Gattling gun, which comes as a freebie in the Unicorn mangas. I don't have them... yet! They're quite hard, if not impossible, to outsource these days. :(

Anyway, the obligatory, all-angles-covered photoshoot for the Unie would probably come out the next few days.

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