Monday, September 01, 2008

Good things come in three

Oggle. Drool.

That's my current state as I look at the following images of the VF-25 Messiah.

IMHO, the soon-to-be-released 1/72 and 1/60 versions just doesn't cut it when you talk about details. I was thinking about grabbing the said 1/60 version once it hits the stores, but when I saw this... a change of mind, and priorities, were in order.

Above, the Valkyrie mode.

The Gerwalk mode. Can you say "Alto"? ^_^

The third mode, the Battroid.

What I like most -- it is a KIT!!!

I don't care if one has to dismember parts in order to transform it... I'm getting AND building three kits! Yup, three! One for each mode... so spank me. =D

The head design of the VF-25 is similar to Roy's VF-0S. Come to think of it, if I was only shown the Messiah's head, I'd immediately blurt out "VF-0S". Heck, even the Valk mode has some VF-0S traits... not to mention numerous references of Frontier to Zero (including the re-use of scenes.)

What could be more freakin' awesome than the VF-25? Ozma Lee's Strike Valk, of course!

Images are from GA Graphic.

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