Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy 200th!

It took a little over 9 years to reach this 200th post. So, I did my celebrating... by changing the blog's header image!

Oh yeah, the overall template was changed too.

From this... this.

The Canon and Bandai logos were scrapped, since I also use my Lumix LX5 quite often, as well as my iPhone 4S. The Bandai logo, gone, due to obvious reasons. I'm not much into Gundams these days, or weeks, or months. I'd still love to build a Mastergrade Gundam Exia though.

So there. With my current die-cast inventory, I can probably go for another 200 posts more.


chrismandesign said...

so, i guess this is your official return to the blogsphere... 200 publications, after this long, long gap, is a lot... i crossed that line barely the last year !!! congrats !!!... by the way, i love those Hummers by Cararama (scale 1:72, i guess), any good diecast is always welcome for me... =)

NelMan said...

Thanks, Chris! Yup, these nice Cararama castings are pegged at 1:72. I wish I can get more color variants though. :)


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