Thursday, September 12, 2013

Midgate magic

It's what separates (excuse the pun) the SUT from the SUV.

3 feet of cargo bed if the midgate (that module that separates the rear seats from the back of the truck) is up. I really want to say something sarcastic about the ginormous things you could put at the back of an H2 SUT (like chairs, microwave ovens, brooms, or perhaps an iPad mini), but no.

Still, I believe that Cararama has produced one of the best castings for a Hummer H2 in this diminutive scale.

Midgate magic
Midgate magic
Midgate magic
This is what an underchassis should look like (sans the leaf springs)! Need I say more, Mattel? I love Hot Wheels, but this looks like Cararama's middle finger waiving like a dog's tail at you.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more images from Flickr.

Midgate magicMidgate magicMidgate magicMidgate magicMidgate magic

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