Friday, September 13, 2013

Black Friday. The 13th.

Yes, it's Friday. The 13th of September. Today's model comes in, well, black.

Although a nice casting in its own right, Tomica's version of the Hummer H2 isn't nearly as clean nor as detailed when compared to the Cararama.

Maybe I'm just nitpicking here, but some panel lines are lacking, like the one for the hood latch. Some parts are out of proportion size-wise, like the hood vent... and the tires, which is basically expected from a casting that comes off Takara Tomy's basic line. The underchassis also lacks detail (I forgot to take a pic), but is more proper, component-wise.

Put it side-by-side with the Cararama, and I guess it won't be able to hold its head up high. Heck if it was a dog, it would have its tail between its legs. Well, the last statement is probably too much, no?

In spite of these shortcomings, it really looks awesome in black!

Hummer H2
Hummer H2
Hummer H2

I was ready to pass on the red Tomica Limited version, but it just looks even better than this black one. So I'm kinda hoping that I'll be able to procure one very soon, and I believe that I would be changing some of my opinions regarding the Tomica.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more images on Flickr.

Hummer H2 Hummer H2 Hummer H2 Hummer H2 Hummer H2

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