Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our first day tickets.

The ticket lines were long and winding. Although the theater wasn't showing the movie in IMAX format, we just had to watch it. So, my fiancee and I went ahead and grabbed ourselves tickets, a biiiiiiiiig bucket of cheese popcorn and two bottles of mineral water. I didn't want sodas 'coz I'm pretty sure that the sugar content would wreak havok on my bladder and make me wanna piss every thirty minutes or so.

The movie is great! I know some people would say that TFTM is better than this one, but I'd have to say otherwise. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen kicks butt!

The movie is around two and a half hours long... and I'd suggest that if you want to relieve yourself, want to get more snacks, or do anything else, do so within 1.5 hours into the film. Total mayhem starts after this point and stops only when the credits start rolling.

Shia's performance was ok. He spends the first half of the movie raving about symbols like a lunatic, and spends the next half yelling "Optimus" until both his lungs burst.

Megan Fox was, and is, still hot! Damn!

John Torturro's character is still quite obnoxious... to a lesser degree. But I still like him.

I was wrong when I initially thought that Megatron wouldn't be seen much in the movie.

Now... on to some observations. The following segment contains spoilers. DO NOT continue reading past this point if you do not want this post to mess up your I-still-haven't-watched-ROTF state.

  • Optimus Prime wasn't such a pussy afterall. Give him the right amount of rage and he's capable of destroying anybody... and yet, Optimus Prime dies.
  • Bumblebee still can't speak properly, but he's still a handful when it comes to battles.
  • Sideways dies within a few kilometers of driving... thanks to Sideswipe.
  • There appears a very sultry and tempting Decepticon-bitch-Terminator-gal which seeks whatever is in Sam's mind. A Decepticon that Bumblebee fails to notice.
  • Albert Einstein was wrong... according to Sam.
  • Wheelie gets to hump Megan Fox's left leg.
  • Laserbeak steals the Allspark shard.
  • John Torturro drops his trousers to reveal S7 undies for the second time around.
  • Wheelee switches sides when he learns that Jetfire has changed his allegiance.
  • Devastator's got balls -- literally!
  • The Fallen himself, is over-hyped. He's just there to die.
  • Optimus Prime is resurrected... by Sam. Now he owes Sam twice as much!
  • I was right all along -- Optimus Prime and Jetfire do not combine. ^_^
  • Jetfire commits suicide and gives his parts to Prime. Ratchet and Ironhide make like doctors and attach the SR-71 parts to OP.

More to be added. :)

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