Monday, June 15, 2009

Generation One

Nobody does it better than these two -- Screamer and Megs.

Nobody does it better...
Revoltech Starscream and Megatron

To tell you the truth, I like the Gen One versions the most.

The robot mode of the TFTM Screamer looks like a bull-frog that can stand. This is actually the main reason why I'm keeping myself from getting any of the Seekers' movie toy figures... although Leader Class Starscream rumors are echoing. Megs' robot version may look menacing in the movie, but that version is still a wuss to me.

Sure, movie-Megs may look evil, but I just don't know how the live-action movie Starscream can look treacherous. Everything about both his forms, screams (excuse the pun) "foot-soldier."


Long-live the G1 Transformers!

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BCS said...

Cool photo! The first one, more specifically. :)

Tesha said...

Thanks for the spoiler alert. Present work schedule makes me need to be in bed and up and about early. Can you imagine me being at work at 7:30 AM every day at the old workplace? Anyways, its ROTF day for me. Catching the first screening of the day! Ja!

NelMan said...

@BCS, thanks 'tol! :)

@M' Tessa, old workplace? Yaiiiiks! 7:30??? Wow, that's too early for us! LOL! How was the movie? :)


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