Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cavallino Rampante

I do not patronize Shell products. It doesn't even catch the minutest of my attention... unless its logo is slapped on the side of Ferrari's Formula One car. The only times I go to Shell service stations are when I bring my dad's SUV in for a re-fill of diesel... and that's about it. Yes, I'm a Petron Blaze-kinda-guy.

The last Holy Weekend, however, was different. My fiancee and I were gearing up for some 372 miles of journey up north to the Church of Manaoag, SBMA, and back to Manila. That would roughly equate to around USD52.00 of high-octane fuel. And, this time, Shell was offering official Ferrari-licensed model cars on a 1:38 scale at less than USD2.00 each (if one gets USD10.00 worth of petrol.) Hmmmm... not a bad deal, I thought.

There were seven cars available -- the Fiorano, the 250 GTO, the F40, the 360, the F430, the FXX, and the 575.

After 350+ miles, I've already had five of them cars... and, after a quick re-fill last night, I've already completed the lot.

Cavallino Rampante
Shell's April offering of Ferrari 1:38 scale model cars

I getting some more for the vroom-vroom-loving nephew of my fiancee.

And oh, by the way, these are pull-back cars which make engine noises (via batteries and speakers, I suppose) when turned on. Cool! ^_^

Trivia buffs, click here.


BCS said...

*expletives*, *expletives*, *expletives*! Now, it's my turn to hate you. Hahahaha!

NelMan said...

Hahahaha! :)


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