Thursday, November 20, 2008

Firefox and Greasemonkey

Here's another deviation from my usual Gundam-related posts.

Most of you probably know about Greasemonkey by this time. This probability might even go higher if you're using Firefox as your browser.

For starters, Greasemonkey "allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript." This is the "long" description that can be found at Greasemonkey's add-on page at Mozilla. ^_^ For a bit more detailed description, head over to Wiki. It's official homepage/blog, however, can be found here.

I've used the said Firefox extension for as long as I can remember. I'm raving about Greasemonkey because it can be very helpful in tweaking Firefox to make up for Blogger's limits when it comes to creating/editing posts and modifying the layout template. You can install a script to enlarge your post editor's area. You can even install one that enlarges the template space when you edit your blog's layout.

Want a bigger editor than the one I've mentioned above? Try this one out.

Another reason to take a second look at Greasemonkey is its Flickr tweaks.

Perhaps the most famous script for Flickr is the Buddy Icon Reply tweak. It enables one to include the name, icon, or a combination of the two when leaving a comment at Flickr. There is also a multi-group sender tweak which allows you to send an image to multiple groups at once... uber convenient, if you ask me. I usually send images to around five to ten groups. The Flickr standard way of the process is a bit tedious, since without the tweak, you are only allowed to send an image to one group at a time. Finally, if you're a member of tons of Flickr groups, there's the group organizer script which allows you to, err, organize your groups into categories. ^_^

Now back to regular programming.

I'm about a quarter of the way through my current WIP (see left sidebar) as I have finished AB'ing the base coat the other night. I was kinda hoping to take some snaps later today so that I could show you guys tomorrow.

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