Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DIY series: Gundam v-fin sharpening

Here's how I do it... v-fin sharpening -- the down and dirty way.

I used this process for the horn on my Unicorn Gundam, however, I wasn't able to put up an entry on how I did it.

Ready?Mythical mystical beastMy Unicorn Gundam, prior to sharpening its horn. Notice how un-Unicorn it looks like with the horn not sharpened? Ugh!

Here's the RX-0 with its horn sharpened --

RX-0 Unicorn GundamRX-0 Unicorn GundamThere... I think that's a bit better, right?

Ok, here's what you need --

1. A sanding sponge. I used 3M's fine-grit sanding sponge for the purpose.
2. The v-fin, of course! For this sample, I used my SD RX-78-2's v-fin.

DIY - Sharpening v-fins 1The SD RX-78-2's v-fin and 3M fine-grit sanding sponge.

DIY - Sharpening v-fins 2The sponge sandwich. ^_^

Cut two small pieces off the sponge and sandwich the v-fin between them. Sand away by moving the v-fin in and out of the "sponge sandwich". Yup, in and out, push and pull.

DIY - Sharpening v-fins 3The left fin is now sharpened compared to the untouched fin on the right.

Be careful, though, as things can easily get out of hand while you're sanding the v-fin. You might wanna stop halfway through the sharpening process and use some finesse to fine-tune the shape of the fin and its tip. Slowly, but surely, does the trick.

DIY - Sharpening v-fins 4
Here's the final outcome, with both fins sharpened. As you may notice, I'm not quite finished with the right fin yet... I was too excited to take a pic! ^_^

There you have it, the down and dirty way of sharpening your Gundam's v-fin.

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kerokeropi said...

good day sir, may I ask where can I get one of those sponge sand papers? I really need them for my gunpla. thank you very much!


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