Wednesday, November 26, 2008

00 Gundam... light it up in five and more different flavors!

Take a hard look at this picture, and tell me what you see...

Image from

Yup, they are the 1/144 HG, Robot Damashi, and 1/200 HCM-Pro versions of the 00 Gundam.

Now, tell me what you don't see...

It's the recently-released 1/100 00 Gundam and the SD 00 Gundam.

It might've been great if the 1/100 and SD versions of the 00 Gundam were included in the photo above. I guess there's no need to worry, since I'm sure that sometime soon, somebody, somewhere will indeed post a group hug of all the available versions of the 00 Gundam... and that somebody likely wouldn't be me.

Eight episodes into the second season and the 00 already has five Bandai variants. ^_^

To top things off, the 0 Riser comes as a separate entity for the 1/144 and the 1/100 kits. However, it will come bundled with kits and figures in future releases. The only variants that do not seem to warrant an 0 Riser are the SD and the HCM-Pro.

It's really funny how Bandai markets these figs. It's like some of us are being conned into buying something nice early on... however, Bandai releases a better version later.

And yet... we still buy these early versions. ^_^

Me? I'm targeting the 00 Gundam Special Set (the 1/100 NG version, with the 0 Riser, AND the Celestial Being display stand). It would probably be released in December, this year... the release month of the much-awaited MG Sinanju.

Speaking of the 00 Gundam, did you know that you can modify the neck (just a tiddy bit) of the 1/100 kit to come up with this?

Very nice gimmick indeed!
Image from Maruneko.

Still about the 00 Gundam... up until Episode 7 of Season 2, it is still a weak-ass mech. Why? It needed to go into Trans-am mode just to cope up with Mr. Bushido's Ahead. So there -- I'm craving for the kit of a weak-ass mech. ^_^

Other bits and pieces:

Dalong has already posted his review of the 1/72 VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Lee Custom kit from Bandai... as well as initial kit information regarding the MS-06R-1A Zaku II Shin Matsunaga Custom. Whew! That was a long one!

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