Thursday, November 27, 2008

Official pic, MG Sinanju

The release of the MG Sinanju is very near. So near that Sunrise has already come out with an official pic of the final MG for 2008.

MG SinanjuClick on the image to view the large pic.

I was kinda waiting for the official photo for quite some time now. The Sinanju does indeed look like a wicked MS... with the proper paint, decals, and all... it would probably surpass the Sazabi as the favorite Zeon suit. I guess this sort of thing always happens when Katoki designs/re-designs a mech.

Basing on the image, the gold areas seem to be painted on. This is evident on the shield where (I think) masking was not in the proper order. The bevel of the topmost part of the shield (where the Zeon logo is located) should be black, not gold. It's likely that the modeler used gold Gundam markers for the gold outlines since the bevels (Zeon logo, chest area) are not painted gold as they should be (I think). Then again, I could be wrong. ^_^

The white thrusters at the back are longer compared to the Sazabi thrusters... but, the conical points (front skirts, knee caps) would make modelers reaching out for their putties to improve the sharpness. Still, it is a damn nice kit straight out of the box!

Image is from Rakuten.


Jacques said...

this official pic looked so much better compared to all the previous photos. This oic might actually convince me and reignite my interest in Sinanju.

NelMan said...

I definitely agree with you, Jacques!


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