Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1991 NBA Finals

This is definitely one of my can't-resist-to-take-a-snap moments.

I was caught riding the metro again and I looked down to see these two Chuck-wearing-dudes.

One was wearing the Chicago Bulls colorway, while the other one was wearing the Los Angeles Lakers colorway.

Can you say "1991 NBA Finals?" The first for His Airness and the last for Mr. Showtime. And who could forget Marv Albert's "Oh, a spectacular move...by Michael Jordan"?

Now, at this time and age, what could be the possibility of encountering two Chucksters wearing Mike and Magic's team colors only a meter apart?

I just hoped that both their shoes could fit the frame of my cellular phone's cam.

It did... and it made me take another look at my NBA Dynasties (Chicago Bulls) DVD set later that night.

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