Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Test-fits and crappy photos

The soda I drank last night after dinner must have triggered something in me to continue building my MG Strike Rouge.

I'd already built the head, the torso, the shoulders/arms, and a leg the previous nights so I was quite giddy for its completion. Again, I cut, nipped, sanded and built away.

However, the kit-building frenzy in me simmered down a bit as the night wore on. I was determined to at least complete the whole mecha's body and leave the Aile Striker and the weapons for later nights.

I just realized (as I'm writing this) that I totalled two hours for last night's build for the other leg/foot! Two hours! Maybe I DO have OCD. ^_^

Anyway, the reason why it takes me so long to build kits is that I wanna be able to test-fit a kit and take photos immediately afterwards. Snap-building a kit while leaving all the gates un-nibbed and un-sanded is so damn easy that a 5-year old could do it... heck, I did it on my NG 1/100 Exia while I was on my fifth can of beer!

Since then, I preferred to do it in this order -- cut, shave, sand, and then snap. This way, I don't have to take the entire thing apart just to shave, nib and sand away the gates. Besides, I think that would be more time-consuming. Ergo, I can immediately take photos -- these photos --

Pardon the crappy pics as they were taken by my P990i's cam. Hey, like I've told you, I just spent two hours completing the leg, and it was already late into the night. I had to make do with my phone-cam, a single 14-watt (or was it 16?) lamp overhead, and a piece of bond paper (as background), instead of setting-up a proper shoot... which would take around 30 minutes to arrange all the lights together with the background, and another 30 minutes put them all away again.

So, I'm leaving the formal shoot of the Rouge for tomorrow night... with the Unicorn.

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