Friday, September 05, 2008

Test-fits and (still) crappy photos

No sodas this time.

As stated in my previous post, I managed to eke out a couple of hours last night for my current WIP's mug shots.

I was right, setting-up the lighting and the background of my DIY figure studio indeed took around 30 minutes. I had to improvise a boom for my lamp (yes, I just used a single lamp) and couldn't quite decide on which background to use for this particular shoot. I ended up with the traditional white background... lazy bugger.

Enough of that... onwards!

The first pose is very similar to the one during the time I shot at Red using my cellular phone's camera. You know, the pose that is similar to the poster included in the box (sans the rifle and the shield).

"If you wanna touch the sky, you better learn how to kneel. On your knees, boy!" -- Bono, She Moves in Mysterious Ways.

I tried out the articulation of the OOB kit by attempting to make her kneel... properly. The operative words here are "attempt" and "properly". ^_^

Even though it does not kneel quite as good as the perfect grade version, it can hold its own. If you want to achieve the perfect kneel, buy the PG version... which is incidentally the Evolve version. Either you go the PG way, or you can mod the hips, knees, and ankles of this MG to nail that anime-accurate kneeling pose.

I'd originally planned to put the instruction manual under her feet in this shoot, but I forgot all about it... it was already getting late!

The last shot of the night for the Cagalli's MS --

I think I should've bent the right forearm a bit more.

That's it! The preliminary shoot of the MBF-02 is now over and done with!

Next up is assembly of the Aile striker, the shield and rifle... then shoot at it again... then scribe extra panel lines (probably add pla-plates)... then shoot at it again... then apply primer... then shoot at it again... then airbrushing... then shoot at it again... then decal-work and top-coat... then shoot at it... again. =D

Sadly, by the way, my Unicorn didn't make it for last night's shoot. It couldn't make up its mind if it'll come out in the Unicorn mode or the Destroy mode. ^_^

By the way, click on the images above for larger versions.

On a final note, I was wrong. It only took me around twenty minutes to tidy things up after the shoot... not thirty minutes as I had assumed.

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