Friday, September 12, 2008

A snowball by Roy Fokker

Here's a little secret -- I have always been a fan of Macross. Ever since I saw the first episode of Macross/Robotech in local television back in the 80's, I was hooked. There I was, a kid so amazed at these fine machines that I couldn't wait for the next episode to be shown. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the entire series. For one reason or another (I was probably out, playing in the streets), I just wasn't able to witness what had happened.

In fact, I was only able to watch the entire series a little more than six months ago. Seeing the Valks turn into Gerwalks and Battroids again was just like a dream. As far as I'm concerned, I can only describe the fact of finally being able to finish the series in one word -- snowball. A snowball rolling down from an imaginary mountain with unfathomable height.

I would like to thank Roy Fokker for that snowball. Sure there was Rick (Hunter), his protege... and who could forget Max, who is perhaps the most skilled person ever to sit on a VF (Alto-kun's quickly gaining ground on this one). But Roy... he was a bad-a$$! The poor bastard died and fell a few episodes too short, I know. But you've gotta admit -- he's DA MAN!!!

His VFs? The VF-xS? Second to none. Equal only to Roy. The Skull. Jolly Rogers. The Tomcat lineage. Perfect. The VF-1S is wicked... but the VF-0S he used in 'Zero is my all-time fave Valk... and I don't need a particular reason to explain why. It just is.

It's his VF that started my snowball. Thanks to the VF-1S, I am now into Gundams too, as you may know very well by now... and pretty soon, hopefully, I'll be showing some DC Direct figures. That frikkin' snowball's starting to burn holes in my pockets! ^_^

Aaaaaanyway, I made the image composite above as, well, sort of an homage to the Skull squadron leader. I took a pic of my Revoltech VF-1S and laid it on top of a coupl'a images -- a CGI planet and one of Hubble's pics. Boy, was I surprised by the reaction it got (and is still getting) on Flickr. I never knew so many people were/are Macross junkies! Robotech forever! ^_^

With the advent of Alto's VF-25 (soon to be released by Bandai on the 18th of the current month, September), I just found it fitting to share the image with you guys. And yes, you can click on it for a slightly larger image. :)

Have a great weekend ahead! :)

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