Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I want for Christmas, the MG Sinanju

The title should've been one of the things I want for Christmas! ^_^

Anyway (you've probably seen this image from other blogs by now) this came from SRW Hotnews. A scan of Gundam Ace magazine features the MSN-06S Sinanju designed by Hajime Katoki. Yes! Just like the RX-0, it's a Ver. Ka!

MG MSN-06S Sinanju ver. Ka
Now, come December, my Unicorn will have a playmate!

Onward to a bit of a comparo:

The Unicorn is has a head height of 19.7 meters (21.7 meters, if you include its horn), while the Sinanju has an overall height of 22.6 meters. The Sazabi has a head height of 23.0 meters (overall, 25.6 meters).

Why the stats, you ask? Well, unless Bandai doesn't do another dwarfing (you can still remember the MG Shin Musha, right?), expect the tip of the MG Sinanju's horn to be about a centimeter higher than that of the MG Unicorn, and around 3 centimeters lower than that of the Sazabi's horn. The Sinanju should be taller than the Unicorn, and I expect that to be the case. I can not imagine displaying the two side-by-side wherein the Sinanju would not tower over the Unicorn.

If the MG MSN-06S wouldn't dwarf the Unicorn by at least 0.9 centimeters, I probably wouldn't buy it. I'd rather get the conversion kit from NeoGrade which uses the MG Hi-Nu Gundam as the base model. Otherwise, it will be a great Christmas this year! ^_^

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