Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Behind the scenes - SD Strike Rouge

Remember my WIP - SD Strike Rouge? Here's a bit of background into it.

If you have read the post, my SD Strike Rouge is actually BB # 259 Strike Gundam Striker Weapons System. So it is basically a Strike with a colorway to match that of the Rouge's. Bandai has yet to release the Strike Rouge in SD form. :(

I build the SDs for my fiancee in between my WIPs of 1/100s. I need to break the monotony of building and painting bigger kits... or else I think I'd go insane. In fact, I sometimes pay more attention to these little cutesies than my 1/100s! ^_^

Anyway, here's the snap-built Strike... complete with un-nibbed gates and all --

Here's another angle with the gates more prominent.

After a few minutes of gate-nibbing and sanding, here's how he looked like --

I really love to pose Gundam kits this way -- looking mean with some attitude. ^_^

Strike Gundam to Strike Rouge? Heck yeah! As posted before --

I've always been vocal that the Strike Rouge is my favorite Gundam and I treat this SD version without any difference. In my drive to achieve the best look I probably can for it, I have painted it twice, stripped its paint once, and I'm guessing that I will strip its paint again until I get the look I want.

Working with SD kits can be a labor of love (What the?!? Where'd that come from?!?). I mean the masking process involved with SDs are really tedious. The torso, the shoulders, the legs, the feet... they all come in a single piece! Just take a look at the shield... it involves three different colors! Proper masking (with lotsa patience) is really the trick with these guys if you want to make it look like the ones in the side of its box. I don't even want to start yakking about the panel lines. ^_^

This WIP has been put on hold right now (I'm currently working on its big sister -- the MG Strike Rouge), and I would probably forego in painting the Aile Striker and Sky Grasper. I can't begin to imagine the hours required to mask and paint the two. ^_^

Come to think of it, I'd probably paint the SD simultaneously with the MG so they'd get matching colors. :)

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