Monday, September 08, 2008

White beast

I finally came out of my lazy stupor to realize the long overdue photo shoot of my RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. I was afraid that Red might overtake it (posterity-wise) if I wasn't going to do something about it.

Again, I set-up my ultra-quick-30-minute-DIY-crappy-studio in just 35 minutes! Can you imagine that?!? I patted myself on the back a couple of times thereafter. ^_^

As you may already know, the Unicorn Gundam has two modes -- the Unicorn mode, as shown in the following photos, and the Destroy mode... which will not be seen anywhere in this site. I find the Unicorn mode more menacing than the Destroy. The Destroy mode is more like a sea creature who changes its colors (and size) just to scare away predators... while the Unicorn mode is all business. It has an air of class and refinement while retaining the "... mess with me, and I'll shove your head so far up into your ass, that you'll see your own throat" attitude. So there... no Destroy mode for this white beast. Unless, I get a couple of those Unicorn gattling guns that are so damn hard to find!

Before you flame me and say "Awwww, the Destroy mode can whup the Unicorn mode's butt anytime!"... don't even start. This is my blog and I can say what I want. If you want to rant about what I said above, rant in your own blog. Just kidding! You can speak your mind via the CBox over to the right... just below the Blobs and just above the flag counting thingie.

But I will tell you this -- once I get my hands on two of those Unicorn gattling guns, I will get another RX-0 kit for the Destroy mode.

I changed the paint scheme a teensy-weensy bit. Where? Don't ask me... I won't tell. ^_^

The "ankle" issue regarding the Unicorn is true. It does have weak ankles, so I did a lot of re-posing to the legs in between shoots. It's quite understandable though... since the RX-0's ankles got tons of parts.

If you're not careful in posing your Uni, it will lose its balance and fall flat on its face. Trust me. It will. Get an action base or something if you want to permanently display it in one of your cabs.

The Unicorn sure looks waaaaay cool if you're going to slap on all of its weapons... and to think that my Unicorn doesn't have its beam sabers out yet. ^_^

Notice the sharp horn? I'll post a tutorial later on how I did it... easily... in less than 5 minutes. Did I tell you to get an action base so as not to break the horn? Get one. Now.

Even the Unicorn must have a shield for protection. Whatta wuss ^_^

Ready to rock and roll.

Destroy mode what?!?

After around two hours of posing it and shooting, I tidied things up and grabbed some beer... Oktoberfest has already started in the Philippines, ya'know! SMB!!! Inuman na!!!

By the way, the images are hosted on Flickr, so click on 'em for slightly bigger pics. :)

Kit: from Greattoys in Shoppesville, Greenhills
Paint: Tamiya Enamel.

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