Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Devils and details

I initially debated with myself whether or not to get this.

The devil is in the gorgeous details. The price point just made the purchase even sweeter.

Now, if only Hot Wheels or Matchbox could come close to all-around attention to details (such as in this model by Cararama) I would be one happy camper. However, knowing that HW designers render their own interpretations of real cars, such a thought would be far-fetched. On the other hand, if Cararama could get more manufacturer licenses under its belt, it would be really, really great!

One final thought, if Hongwell (the manufacturer of Cararama) can execute such details, why can't Mattel?

Hummer H2 SUV
Hummer H2 SUV
Hummer H2 SUV

Click on the thumbnails below to view more images from Flickr.

Hummer H2 SUVHummer H2 SUVHummer H2 SUVHummer H2 SUVHummer H2 SUV

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