Friday, July 08, 2011

Two Seekers down

I'm a solid fan of the Decepticon Seekers. In fact, and in case you just don't know it yet, Starscream is my favorite Transformer. Yes, even counting the Autobots.

The elation I got when I learned that Hasbro was going to re-issue Dirge and Thundercracker, was simply incomprehensible. I was so excited that I went out of my way just to go to the exclusive distribution event, albeit on the second day.

Now, all I'm hoping for is Hasbro re-issuing Skywarp (which I believe will happen in the very near future) and Ramjet, and my deluxe Seekers will be complete. Why not get the Henkei versions instead? They're just obnoxiously expensive!

I actually got Dirge weeks earlier than 'Cracker. But I was just too tired (i.e. lazy) to get off my ass and take a picture.

The distribution table had deluxe versions of Generations Thundercracker, Wheeljack, and Warpath available. Of course, I had to get Wheeljack, but thought against getting Warpath.

Transformers Generations Thundercracker
Transformers Generations Dirge
Transformers Generations Wheeljack
Wheeljack thrown in for good measure.


chrismandesign said...

the Generations series is doing a great job reissuing the classics in a brand new (modern) form, with better finish & an affordable price... i think they’re a great deal, the better if those bad guys r ur obssession... as always, the Takara versions r a hard & poisonous candy for ur wallet =/...

NelMan said...

I agree, Chris. I'm trying to stay clear from the TakTomy versions for now. However, the TF United Jazz and Tracks are waaaaay better than their Hasbro RTS versions.


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