Friday, July 08, 2011


fix·a·tion /fikˈsāSHən/ Noun
1. An obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something.

I've had it for TechDeck's Willy Santos New & Trashed mini-skateboard. The fact that I've been looking out for it during the past year or so, only made the feeling more intense. When I saw a copy in one of the malls, I had no choice.

Yotsuba's getting ready for summer!
Yotsuba's getting ready for summer!
Yotsuba's getting ready for summer!

I'm willing to bet that this made Yotsuba pretty happy. ^_^

Fact: I used to trash on my skateboard during my younger years.


chrismandesign said...

u... skating ??? OMG, i couldn’t imagine that... i prefer to ride my bike, tough i don’t do that as usual as before, for my job =(... too bad that there r not so good replicas of bikes in the market (those by Flix Trix have an irregular paint job)... these r nice, but not as nice as Yotsuba XD

NelMan said...

Yeah, Chris, I skated a few times with my brother's board before.

But not as much as all the years I've ridden my Haro Master. I think I did BMX (freestyle) for about six years! LOL! =D

During the past two years, I've been contemplating on getting a BMX just for Pete's sake... but it's been too long and I'm soooo out of it already. Hmmm... maybe someday.

Yeah, that's one fault I find in mini-replicas today, the sucky paint job and details.

chrismandesign said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA... i still have my DNA Hopper II for flatland, i remember its original color (lemon yellow) that makes it too striking, so i have to repaint it in dark green polychromed (u know these bikes r like candies for the thiefs...=/)

NelMan said...

Yeah, nicked bikes were a-plenty too in my part of the woods.

Lemon yellow? That's cool! A friend of mine had his GT painted hot pink!!! I kept mine stock - white with the chro-mo end. ^_^

God, I miss those days! :)


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