Monday, June 28, 2010

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime

Hey folks! It's been a while, eh?

My wife and I were in Greenhills the other day to take pics of some items for her business. If I haven't told you yet, I take photos for her, and, in return, she rewards my being a "good enough photographer" by buying me stuff (i.e. toys)... well, sometimes.

It's a good thing that the past weekend has been on of those times. We're in Greenhills, afterall, and it wouldn't be complete without passing by the toy stores. Actually, it's inevitable that we get to pass by the stores. ^_^

We decided to go inside Toy Kingdom in V-Mall and look for a present. Her nephew's birthday is coming up and being the awesome aunt that she is, my wife decided to give him a Transformers Animated Supreme - Roll Out Command Optimus Prime.

I made a "what-about-me-face" and tried out my luck. I guess she couldn't resist my irresistable charm and the phrase "Optimus Prime for under US$ 15.00 ", so she finally gave in and bought me the Transformers Deluxe Movie Collection 2 - Cybertronian Optimus Prime.

As it turned out, the purchase was a timely one — that was the day Toy Kingdom put WFC OP on their shelves, AND as far as the local TF news go around, the Optimus Prime figure has been selling out everywhere.

I haven't taken him out of the box yet, but boy, this version of Optimus Prime looks good. Very good.

He's a Deluxe Class figure with Level 4 transformation (yes, Level 4!) and he's got details that could make some Voyager Class figs hide their heads in shame.

Anyway, here are some pics I took last night

War for Cybertron

War for Cybertron

War for Cybertron
A closer look.

Ok. So now, I've got four versions of Prime. I think.

I think I should've pushed my luck and asked for a Transformers Deluxe Movie Collection 2 - Cybertronian Bumblebee too... and a Hunt for Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee. Those two were beside the WFC OP. Maybe next time. Hopefully. ^_^


chrismandesign said...

hahahahaha... man u r pretty lucky with ur wife, she can’t hold out ur "what-bout-me" face LOL... & this Optimus is pretty delicious... i haven’t seen one of them b my end (anyway, almost all of my collection figures r not available in my country, blehhh)... huh, u should open that toy, i can’t understand someone (even a collector) that keeps his/her figures in the box... is like a bird in a cage, if u know what i mean =D

NelMan said...

Thanks, Chris! Yeah, this fig is quite awesome. I'm glad that I got it during the first day of its release over here... if I was a couple of days late, I wouldn't even be able to grab one.
I'll be letting it out of the box soon... I'll be panel-lining it to make the lines pop out, although I just don't have the time, yet. ^_^
Anyway, I do hope that you'll be able to grab one too! :)


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