Monday, May 24, 2010

S3 Superman

Straight from Ireland... I think.

One of the wifey's co-employees and friend, Eden, just got back from Ireland a few days back and among her excess baggage were these two figures — from DC's Select Sculpt Series.

Knowing that I loooove toys, Eden asked my wife if I'd be interested. She got a definitive "Yes!"

A quick call to my person was all my wife needed to give me another set of gifts. ^_^

Select Sculpt Series
Invulnerable Superman

Select Sculpt Series
Metropolis Rising Superman

Select Sculpt Series

Although they don't look quite like Brandon Routh, the details on the figures are just amazing... and these pics just doesn't do them justice. :)

1 comment:

chrismandesign said...

absolutely in agreement with u... these figures (PVC statues ???) seem really great (even bearing in mind that i’m not such a fan of movie versions...) & the packaging design is wonderful... congrats on this Super gift... (literally LOL)


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