Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here comes Ultra Magnus

Optimus Prime

Err, make that Optimus Prime.

The TFTM LC OP Premium (how's that for acronym overload, eh?) just looks so bulky, it could pass as a G1 Ultra Magnus once given a nice lick of blue and white paints.

Remember the time when the Leader Class incarnation of ROTF Optimus Prime was yet to be released and all the Transformers community had were prototype and pre-production photos? Everyone thought that the ROTF Prime was too skinny. Others even called him "Chicken leg-Prime."

Well, time passed by, ROTF Prime was released, and was loved by everyone... including naysayers. It was the perfect and movie-accurate Prime ever.

Now, if you'd even bother to look, the TFTM Prime well, looks... fat. Stout. Chubby. Horizontally challenged. That must be the primary (excuse the pun) reason why it took me over a year to take photos of its robot mode.

TFTM Premium Leader Class Optimus Prime
Yes, this profile angle says it all — Ultra Magnus-wannabe.

All of this would translate to one thing... I want that Buster Optimus Prime! ^_^


chrismandesign said...

yep... it seems not only bulky but a lil’ dwarfish for my taste... anyway is pretty detailed & the paint job is very well done... but as u said: the Takara’s Buster Prime kicks some asses & would b one of my future dreams if i wouldn’t own 5 versions of Optimus (a bit to much, even for me) LOL

NelMan said...

I just hope we can get the Buster Prime soon, Chris... not to mention the pricey Masterpieces. :)


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