Monday, March 29, 2010

Gaiking Movie 2012

This movie is gonna be effin' huge!

I love the following quotes from Harry over at AICN --
One of the things I really dug about these guys was how open they were. How giddy they were to be pulling the veil back a bit. GAIKING will be the name for the film. They're aiming for release in 2012... since no movies can be released in 2013 - on account of the end of the world. But they did mention that if, geek willing, they get to do the sequel - which is plotted out - the likely title would be SHOGUN WARRIORS.

Particularly this one --
But also - look around at everything else that's going on - we're beginning to see enormous collective dreams marching toward the screen. There's no doubt the crappy TRANSFORMERS movies have led the way for this - but unlike Michael Bay - these guys are genuinely obsessive with the source material - the grander genre of Anime itself. There's more to this film than just Giant Robots - there's other worlds, other tech, possibly critters and more. The shot of Gaiking in New York that you see - is actually from a flashback sequence - as that Earth could possibly be different. These are filmmakers that want to use all the toys in the bag of tricks to pull it off. Including building the robots on a 1:1 scale.

And, finally, some wishful thinking --
God, can you imagine... We might be seeing a film with some of GAIKING's friends joining him. Enormous robots like Raydeen, Dragun, Mazinger Z, Daimos, Dangard, Voltus V, Combattra... who knows? All I know is... it is coming. For real. At Fucking Last!

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Jacques said...

The trailer looks really good, better than Transformers where it is so hard to make out the details and features of the robots.


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