Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome, year 2010!

I can't help but to come out of my self-imposed internet hiatus just to get this post off. Yup, since Christmas, I've decided that I'll be staying clear off the internet and my cellular phone until the holidays are over.

However, the post-Christmas present I got for myself is just too awesome to leave unmentioned.

My wife and I were in a nearby mall, when I saw it... on sale... at 70% off the original tag price!
TFU G1 Optimus Prime
Transformers Universe Generation 1 Optimus Prime
TFU G1 Optimus Prime
TFU G1 Optimus Prime
Upon seeing the price, I never let it off my left hand's grasp!

Happy new year indeed! ^_^


chrismandesign said...

this is a vintage fantasy ! congrats... & full of accesories... definitively is a great investment... i don’t like so much 1st generation tranformers figures (i prefer the current versions) but this one looks really good... yes, u can’t "unpost" this one.

NelMan said...

Thanks, Chris! :)


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