Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mobile blogging

Thanks to a training seminar I'm currently attending (which is about online teaching and learning), thanks to my new phone (Nokia E72), and last but certainly not the least, thanks to a budding sense of boredom, I'm trying mobile blogging for the first time. ^_^

Yup, I'm using the E72 right now to compose this post via it's built in web browser. it's not that bad, really. One major problem that I'm experiencing right now is the inability to type these words out as quickly as I can compared to a normal keyboard. I can live with that, though.

However, the hitch that I can't get over is the current mobile browser's inability to display Flickr's full HTML pages. The built-in browser, expectedly, keeps on showing the mobile version of Flickr. Duh.

Anyway, I guess I better look for a browser application for the E72 that displays the non-mobile versions of my favorite sites... or maybe, I haven't configured the settings of this phone properly... yet, as it has only been with me for around a week only.

So there! My first mobile blog post! I know you'll forgive the typos, if there are any, right? ^_^

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