Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My holy grail... what used to be.

Collectors often have their "holy grails." In my case, it is, or was, Max Factory's Mazinkaiser.

Since Max Fac issued 'Kaiser years ago, it became my ultimate collectible. As time went by, the more its price went up (sometimes 4x as much as the original retail)... the more I drooled for the baddest-ass version of Maz.

That was until I got hold of it last weekend, courtesy of GreatToys. I'm not taking anything away from the awesome fig, nor from Max Factory. I'm just saying that with the second issue, it isn't my holy grail anymore. I guess it isn't that rare anymore to be considered holy.

Max Factory Mazinkaiser
Can you say "big box?"

Anyway, as I've said, the Max Gokin/Alloy Mazinkaiser is still a wicked-as-hell collectible and it was definitely worth the years of waiting.

Max Factory Mazinkaiser
Wickedly-awesome fig!

Max Factory Mazinkaiser
I couldn't resist making a NelMan's Way version. ^_^

More pics to follow... for sure!


BCS said...

Vunderful! :D

NelMan said...

Ja, es ist! Es ist vunderful! :)


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