Monday, August 03, 2009

That's two! Happy birthday, Dad!

I was excited to get this one. Perhaps, I was more excited to get the SOC GX-31V than my SOC GX-01R Mazinger Z.

Maybe I was too excited that even Ate Melai, ever-hospitable staff of GreatToysOnline's Greenhills branch (along with Ate Marilyn), saw it in my eyes, as she remarked, "Excited oh!", as we were checking the contents of the box to make sure that all the parts were there.

Yes, I was and I couldn't hide it.

Mazinger Z may be my favorite super-robot of all time, but getting Voltes V's Respect for the Volt-in Box version made me smile like a kid.

Back in 1980, I think I might've had the chance to get the Godaikin version of Voltes V, which was hugely popular here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I didn't cry my eyes out enough to make my father (who incidentally is celebrating his birthday today) shell out Php 800.00 and get me one as we passed by a local toy store. I'd bet, that if I cried like hell during that day, I would've gotten my Voltes V.

Anyway, dad -- my hero and my idol, more than made up for it by getting me die-cast versions of Mechander Robo and UFO Grendizer.

Yesterday, after 30 years of patient waiting, I finally got MY Voltes V. It may not be the Godaikin version, but the SOC version is more than enough to make me realize a childhood dream.

Ok, so I'm a wuss who's getting teary eyed already... but this is Voltes V!

Oh yeah, my dad saw me bringing the box in yesterday and he was delighted that I got a Voltes V toy already. My mom who saw both of us talking asked, "Didn't you have a Voltes when you were still a kid?" Dad responded by saying that what he got me during those days were the Mechander and the Grendizer. How's that for very cool parents?!? They know their super-robot stuff!!! ^_^

I've got two of the best parents in the world, I tell 'ya!

I mentioned in my previous post about showing my own pics early this week, right?

Volt Cruiser
Volt Cruiser
Steve Armstrong's ride, the Volt Cruizer

I hope to get a full-on shoot with the rest of the Volt-vehicles on Tuesday night. ^_^

Happy birthday shoutouts to my dad -- my idol and my hero, on this special day! May you have many more candles to blow and continued good health along with mom.

I love you, Daddy! We all love you! :)


Oliver Bautista San Antonio said...

congratulations on finally getting your voltes!

NelMan said...

Thanks, Oliver!


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