Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SOC virgin

Yes, I am one... well, was one.

I got the Soul of Chogokin version of my favorite super-robot of all time, finally.

Just some test shots as I just opened up the box last night. I was too giddy at the moment and was too lazy to set up the proper lights. ^_^

SOC GX-01R Mazinger Z by NelMan, on FlickrSOC GX-01R Mazinger Z by NelMan, on Flickr
SOC GX-01R Mazinger Z

If I hadn't watched the replay of LA's win over Orlando at the tube, I would've gotten to play with Maz a little bit more and would've gotten more shots off.


BCS said...

slurpee!!! :P

Jacques said...

even without proper lighting, I think the photos turned out real well. Wouldn't have known if you didn't mention otherwise.

NelMan said...

@BCS, thanks tol! :)

NelMan said...

@Jacques, thank you for the kind comment. The fluorescent lamp gave quite unsightly reflections on Maz' body. ^_^


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