Thursday, March 26, 2009

My name is Optimus Prime

I was an avid fan of the G1 cartoons as it was being shown on the tellie. I marveled at the animation of Transformers: The Movie. However, I was just a student back then... with no moolah to get myself one of those first generation TF toys, which incidentally, had a thermal sticker that would change colors if you rub it briskly. The sticker alone made me drool.

Fast-forward to twenty-plus years. I finally got myself a Transformers toy which could actually transform (I have Revoltech Megs and Starscream.) Yup, two years after the blockbuster 2007 flick, I finally collared the Autobot leader.

TFTM Leader Class Optimus Prime
TFTM Leader Class Optimus Prime

Here's a fact: I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't on sale. ^_^

Now I know how it feels like to have one of these... and the bug is biting me quite hard... the way the Gundam bug bit me. So hard that I'm priming myself (excuse the pun) for a OP's Masterpiece version... the 20th anniversary will do. The price on the Takara one is just plain insane!

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