Thursday, October 23, 2008

SD Gundam Exia

Here's the other SD that I was supposed to take pictures of before my cam's battery bonked out on me the other night.

The super-deformed version of Gundam Exia.

SD Gundam Exia
Just like the SD RX-78-2 Gundam, I snap-built this one in between adding panel lines for my MG Strike Rouge just to break the monotony of scribing each night.

Purely OOTB, the seam lines are yet to be cemented/puttied/sanded, and the kit itself, painted. I just wanted to try out a new way of lighting objects. ^_^

With foresight in mind, masking this little fella for airbrushing is going to be hell! The torso came in just a single color -- blue. The Exia's got five colors for its upper body as can be seen in this kit of mine --

Gundam Exia
Good luck to me. 'Coz of intricacy involved in masking, I'm starting to consider using Gundam markers! ^_^

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