Thursday, October 16, 2008

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka

It looks like my fear regarding Bandai having a relapse of the "horizontally-challenged-Shin-Musha-syndrome" on the MG Sinanju has now been laid to rest. Notice the Unicorn Gundam which is barely on the frame to the left?

Basing on the pictures (from Hobby Stock), the MG Sinanju Ver. Ka is indeed taller than the MG Unicorn Gundam.

I think that it's got better articulation than the MG Sazabi or the MG Unicorn Gundam.

Now that the size issue has been cleared, the next problem to think of is the emblem on its chest, which is also molded in black! ^_^

Time to save up (it costs JPY 7,350) for its December release! ^_^

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