Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Boxes and backlogs - Part II

Without nothing much to do last Friday night, I grabbed a carton of chocolate milk (yes, no beer in this post ^_^), and, as promised earlier, took a few snaps of my most recent SD Gundam kits stash.

Note: Please correct me if there was a mistake on the stats.

First up, the grand daddy of them all, the RX-78.

Amuro's famous mobile suit has been offered to the public twice under the HGUC (High Grade Universal Century) line, once under the SD (Super Deformed) line as pictured above, once as a Hyper Hybrid Model (costing around 78,000 yen!), eight times (and still going) as a Master Grade, twice in Speed Grade, twice in the GFF (Gundam Fix Figuration) line, four times as HCM (High Complete Model) Pro (in different scales), and twice in Bandai's MSIA (Mobile Suit in Action) line, once in the Gundam the Origin line, and once in the PG (Perfect Grade) version. Oh yeah, it's head with light-up eyes have also been offered for the 1/100 scale. ^_^

I think it's only fitting that grandpa made the 200th SD mark. I guess it's sort of a tribute to the old mech. The number label in the SD's box is framed in gold. :)

I'll now proceed to the extreme end of the timeline and continue with the Gundam Exia.

Even though it's the newest (along with its siblings), Setsuna F. Seiei's ride, is already available in the Cosmic Region variant, in HCM Pro (twice), in MSIA, in various kits and scales -- SD, NG, HG, 1/100, 1/144, 1/60 -- you name it, and the Exia more likely has a version of it. Sadly though, all of Gundamland is still waiting for the MG release. It would probably come within a year or so of Gundam 00's initial showing... cross your fingers.

Currently Bandai's milking cow, the Exia already has two more mech variations -- the Avalanche and the Astraea. I don't even wanna count the main mech (the 00 Gundam) in the second season of the series in yet.

Now, let's go to somewhere in between the two (but a lot closer to the RX-78) and have a look at the Dendrobium. The Dendro is actually two units -- the Stamen, or the RX-78GP03S (I told you it's a lot closer to the RX-78 ^_^), and the Orchis (RX-78GP03, without the "S").

The Stamen has been available in the GFF, MSIA, HGUC, SD, and MG versions. The Orchis, (the wicked-to-the-bone-bad-ass-Gundam-mobile-weapon-behemoth) which packs a mega beam cannon, two large claws (each mounting a large beam saber), weapons container pods, and gazillions of rockets, plus more, has been offered thrice in the MSIA (once) and HGUC lines (twice). However, the offered scales of the Orchis goes up to only the 1/144 scale. None in the 1/100 (MG) scale. The kit length of the 1/144 scale is 40 inches, from the tip of the mega beam cannon to the fins at the back. Do you still need a reason why the Orchis hasn't got a 1/100 version yet? I didn't think so. ^_^

For the sake of imagination (mine), a 1/100-scale Orchis would have an overall length of 55 inches! That's seven inches short of being six feet! Now, start early and build yourself an action base so that you would have one for this monster once it comes out! LOL!

BTT. They say that the 1/550-scale of the Dendrobium is the poor-man's-Dendro. I beg to differ. IMHO, this IS the poor-man's-Dendro -- the SD version. ^_^

It's going to be a fun build, this one. :)

For posterity, here are more pics...

The old and the new, RX-78-2 Gundam and Gundam Exia.

And all of my (and my fiancee's) SDs... well, boxes of SDs.

Parting shots, my MG MSN-04 Sazabi's box.

This is one huge-ass box. It's as big as the PG Strike's! ^_^

It's been offered twice in HCM Pro (I'm still on the hunt for the HCM Pro Special Painted version), thrice in MSIA, once in MSIA-E (MSIA Extended), twice in MG, once in HGUC, and about six times in the SD format. I never realized it's got so many SD versions until now.

So there you have it. My latest kit hauls. The MGs for the Infinite Justice and the Sinanju are still coming... I don't know how long I can resist the temptation once the time comes. ^_^

Note* I only counted releases by Bandai for the stats.

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