Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MG Infinite Justice - Athrun finally gets one

Amuro's got tons of 'em. So does Char. Kira and Shinn have their share. Heck, even my fave Cagalli has got one!

I wonder why it took Bandai ages (literally) to come up with a mobile suit for Athrun, who is arguably one of the most loved protagonist in the Seed/Seed Destiny series. Fan service or not, our beloved Bandai will finally give Athrun his due.

The final piece to the Athrun MG puzzle may have come from the recent promotional video for the MG Force Impulse, wherein the last part of the video showed a screen carrying the colors of the Justice/Infinite Justice... and it seems as though everyone in Gundamland knew, or had at least a feeling, that this is it! The Justice will finally come to town!

A few weeks, and MG releases (including the scale-challenged Shin Musha) later, this was found on GA Graphic --

Time to bring out the champagne glasses! Athrun Zala, Infinite Justice... ikkimasu!!!

Sidenote: I wonder when the Legend will come out... hmmmmm...

Edit: Gunota lists the MG Infinite Justice and states that it will come out in October!

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