Friday, May 16, 2008

Box-art of Bandai's MG Shin Musha Gundam

Hmmmmm... here's the box art (courtesy of Ngeekhiong) for the soon to be released MG Shin Musha from Bandai:

MG Shin Musha box art

While here's Sandrum's/Anaheim Machines' rendering (published March 29, 2008):

Shin Musha by Sandrum

If one horizontally flips the image on the box of the MG, it is practically the same in pose AND scale as Sandrum's render.

Sandrum states that he ripped the pose of his Shin Musha off of Morishita's black and white illustration. Although I haven't seen Morishita's version of the Shin Musha yet, could it be that Bandai ripped one of 'em images?

Questions, questions, questions...

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