Monday, May 05, 2008

Cute li'l bugger

Building this little fella was a welcome break from painting my NG Exia, snap-fitting my MG Unicorn Gundam, and wondering which among my 3 un-opened MG boxes should be built next.

Custom-painting the Exia was a bit tedious. Finishing the test-fit on the Unicorn is almost over... just a few more hundred parts to go! LOL! Building the SD Strike Gundam Striker Weapon System was like a breath of fresh air.

All I had to do was take the sprues/runners out of the box... cut... then snap. Easy right? That was what I thought so. Until I decided to make this SD Cagalli's suit -- the Strike Rouge.

Here's BB # 259, with his gates un-nipped... as you can clearly see on his feet and shield

And here he is with the gates nipped and sanded

Now, after cleaning up the gates and sanding them, I have to prime it, and paint -- ala-Strike Rouge. Indeed, a breath of fresh air huh?!?

Soon, HE will be a SHE! =D

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